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To send your order by Fax fullfill the order form. Fax: 450.464-2146
Phone: 450.464-1837


How to order on line

You may preview () details and the first page of each music sheet to see how it look. You wish to purchase that music... «add to cart» .

If you have never purchased from Chantdemonpays.com you will be required to set up a new account. It is necessary to create your account as a customer to be able to order on line. Here's how: click on «Mon compte» (my account) menu on the right, follow the steps to identify yourself the first time you make an order. Next visit on our web site, you can connect yourself by simply write your e-mail and password in the box (see illustration). Now continue purchasing music or return in the cart click again the button «finalisation» then follow steps for your payment.

Illustration of "Mon Compte" (my account) menu on the right.

Payment for downloaded music sheet is easy. The payment will be proceed with Paypal according to secured exchanges. You enter into a reensured method: your credit card number is transmitted, at the same time of the purchase, directly to the bank serving Paypal, which uses an encrypting protocol of the data (SSL: Secure Socket Layer) to avoid pirating.

Payment for music sheets and books delivered by regular Post, must be paid with credit cards. We accept Visa and MasterCard. Follow steps in «Mon Compte» to proceed with payment.


Confidential information are protected by encrypting code: we use the encrypting norm between customer and host SSL 128 bits. Your navigator shows a lock symbol when a page is covered by this security system. To assure an additional security, we ask you to specify the security code* of your payment card. On most of the cards, the security code is a code finishing by three numbers, which can be found on the signature band, back of the card.

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Shopping cart

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Cart will be hold with adding items as long as you run in our web site.
The shopping cart uses cookies to remember what you have placed in it. Please enable cookies to place an order on this web site.
(1) Your order is updated.
(2) Freight fee is calculated according to the country where parcel is delivered.
(3) Total amount of music sheets and books is automaticaly calculated.
(4) Taxes charged only for delivery in Canada.

Illustration of your cart «Panier»

a) To add more music: press the button "retour" to return back to the our website.
b) Press the button "recalculer" when you change your quantities.
c) Press the button "finaliser" to proceed with your order.

You will receive a confirmation email from our system administrator within the next couple of hours.

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Delivery by Post Canada

You want to send your order by mail, here's the address:Chant de mon Pays ( postal order) / 3423 rue Principale, St-Jean-Baptiste (QC) Canada J0L 2B0

You want to send your order by fax, fullfill this order form and send it by fax at 450.464-2146

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Sending of parcel
Out of our warehouse usualy 48 hours after approval of your payment.

By the air or by ground
Parcel are carried out by Post Canada.
Might have a delay (1-3 weeks) according to the country where parcel is sent.

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